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Another Tax, And Some Socrates…

A judge charged a man with a Rs 10,800 fine in a rape case. The man asked, “Why Rs 10,800?” The judge replied, “Rs 10,000 for rape and 8% Entertainment Tax by Zardari.” ****** In ancient Greece (469 – 399 BC), Socrates was widely lauded for his wisdom. One day the great philosopher came upon Read More

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Teer Toota, Sher Aaya…Bhaingay Ke Saath

In the last few days, we saw enough chaos throughout Pakistan (at least on Geo TV) to believe that the end of the PPP government was near. The bald lion with hair implants and no balls, was leading the long march towards the capital to crap on the Constipation Constitution Avenue, and ultimately on the Read More

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Recent reports in the western media indicate that Pakistan needs as much as $10 billion to avoid an economic meltdown. and: Pakistan’s foreign currency reserves are falling fast and if forward liabilities are included, the real reserves may go down to $3 billion. This cannot meet the import bill of one whole month. Out of Read More

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Aiwan-e-Sadr Shaadi Hall

SAWJ’s Note: Notice how the author makes a reference to Musharraf. What the heck did Musharraf do to tick each and every one of these idiots off? Notice also how he makes Zardari look like a saint. The author is the same clown who reported the departure of Musharraf to some foreign land, and planes Read More

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