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Teer Toota, Sher Aaya…Bhaingay Ke Saath

In the last few days, we saw enough chaos throughout Pakistan (at least on Geo TV) to believe that the end of the PPP government was near. The bald lion with hair implants and no balls, was leading the long march towards the capital to crap on the Constipation Constitution Avenue, and ultimately on the Read More

Posted on September 25, 2008 by

Selling Ramazan

Whenever the month of Ramazan comes, Muslims become hyper-sensitive with respect to their religion. It’s as if all their sins would be washed away in a single month. Don’t get me wrong, Ramazan has it’s ‘more than fair’ share of virtues but the hypocritical nature of Muslims disgusts me! A whole year passes by, with Read More