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Step forward for your Muslim Brothers!

This a call for all those who condemn violence in the name of Islam. The atrocities by Taliban in Parachinar urge us to take strict action. We shouldn’t stand silent while our Muslim brothers and sisters are brutally killed. For centuries, innocent lives have been taken on account of what their beliefs are. None have Read More

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Was Azar The Father Of Prophet Ibrahim?

Surah Al Anaam – Chapter VI – Verse 74: And when Ibrahim said to his sire, Azar : Do you take idols for gods ? Surely I see you and your people in manifest error. and Surah Al Tauba – Chapter IX – Verse 114: And Ibrahim asking forgiveness for his sire was only owing Read More

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Allah Buhat Bara Hai!

سب نے یہی کہا ہے اللّھ بہت بڑا ہے قرآن میں لکھا ہے اللّھ  بہت بڑا ہے ہر حد سے ماورا ہے اللّھ بہت بڑا ہے یہ مہر و ماہ و انجم، دریائوں میں طلاطم چلتی  ہوئی  ہوائیں ،  آواز  کا   ترنّم خوش رنگ طائروں کا پھیلا ہوا Read More

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I’m Not A Mushrik, Just Trying To Think…

Please read my previous post before reading this. ************** The Prophet Eesa (A.S.) was walking with his followers when on their way they passed a house where a wedding was to take place and celebrations were underway. He addressed his followers that when they would return the house would be filled with mourning as the Read More