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Allah Buhat Bara Hai!

سب نے یہی کہا ہے اللّھ بہت بڑا ہے قرآن میں لکھا ہے اللّھ  بہت بڑا ہے ہر حد سے ماورا ہے اللّھ بہت بڑا ہے یہ مہر و ماہ و انجم، دریائوں میں طلاطم چلتی  ہوئی  ہوائیں ،  آواز  کا   ترنّم خوش رنگ طائروں کا پھیلا ہوا Read More

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Should I Tick The World Off?

I’ve been facing a dilemma. I want to ask some questions but I’m apprehensive w.r.t. the consequences. I’ve decided to cancel the third Zakir Naik post about Karbala and the Quraan when I saw the comments in my first Zakir Naik post [I still might do one on Yazeed(L.A.) and another on Muawiyah(L.A.)]. People do Read More

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Main Kis Tarah Se Nikaloon Badan Se Jaan-e-Husain (A.S.)?

This Nauha is a converstaion between Allah and Malak-ul-Maut on how he should pull Imam Husain’s (A.S.) soul out of his blood-pouring, broken and battered body. This is how the conversation starts: خدا نے جب  ملک الموت  کو یہ  اذن دیا کہ  روحِ حضرتِ  سرور نکال  کر  لے Read More

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Kya Muhammad Ka Pyara Nahin Hoon?

I’m pretty busy nowadays and the next Zakir Naik post may take some time, so here’s something for you guys to listen to. It’s a Nauha by Ali Shanawar and Ali Jee, sons of prominent Nauha-khwan Syed Nadeem Raza Sarwar, titled Mujh Pe Kyoon Band Kartay Ho Pani, Kya Muhammad Ka Pyara Nahin Hoon? All Read More