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Faithful Aaron Of The Second Moses

“The zeal and virtue of Ali were never outstripped by any recent proselyte. He united the qualifications of a poet, a soldier and a saint; his wisdom still breathes in a collection of moral and religious sayings; and every antagonist, in the combats of the tongue or of the sword, was subdued by his eloquence Read More

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Was Azar The Father Of Prophet Ibrahim?

Surah Al Anaam – Chapter VI – Verse 74: And when Ibrahim said to his sire, Azar : Do you take idols for gods ? Surely I see you and your people in manifest error. and Surah Al Tauba – Chapter IX – Verse 114: And Ibrahim asking forgiveness for his sire was only owing Read More

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Ash-Shaam! Ash-Shaam! Ash-Shaam!

Minhaal, a sahabi of Ali ibnul Husain (Syed-e-Sajjad), came to him and asked him where he had faced the most hardships, during Karbala and it’s aftermath. He replied “Ash-Shaam! Ash-Shaam! Ash-Shaam!” (Syria! Syria! Syria!) Minhaal then asked him why he cried so much. After all, martyrdom was the destiny and inheritance of Aal-e-Muhammad (S.A.W.W.). Syed-e-Sajjad Read More

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Guzra Hai Koi Aisa Saabir-o-Aabid?

اگر اللّھ ہم اہلِبیت[ع] کی دشمنی کا حکم قرآن میں دیتا تب بھی ہم پہ اتنے ظلم نہ ہوتے جتنے ہماری مَوَدّت واجب ہونے کے بعد ہم پہ ہوئے علی ابن الحسین اسیرِ کربلا، آدمِ آلِ محمد، فرزندِ حسین، علی ابن الحسین زین العابدین جس نے اپنے پورے خاندان کے قتل کئے جانے پر خدا Read More

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Should I Tick The World Off?

I’ve been facing a dilemma. I want to ask some questions but I’m apprehensive w.r.t. the consequences. I’ve decided to cancel the third Zakir Naik post about Karbala and the Quraan when I saw the comments in my first Zakir Naik post [I still might do one on Yazeed(L.A.) and another on Muawiyah(L.A.)]. People do Read More

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