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MSN Astrology Don’t Know When To Quit

Your horoscope for December 24, 2008 The romance in the air is palpable. Women can’t seem to keep their eyes (or hands!) off of you today. Maybe it’s that new cologne you’re wearing, or your warm and generous demeanor. Don’t discount their advances as idle flirtations. One woman, in particular, is quite serious. If you’re Read More

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A “SAWJ” Quiz

It’s time for another quiz. And a good one this time. What does “SAWJ” mean? SAWJ’s Note: Those who know, specially Safi and Absar, and maybe Anas, are requested to keep their mouths shut. Please don’t spoil the fun by being an ass! Let’s see what everyone comes up with. And it’s 18th Zilhajj, so Read More