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Is Ehad Mein Sab Kuch Hai Per Insaaf Nahin Hai!!!

Naqadri-e-Aalam ki Shikayat nahin Maula Kuch Daftar-e-Baatil ki Haqeeqat nahin Maula Baahum Gul-o-Bulbul mein Muhabbat nahin Maula Main kya hoon kisi Rooh ko Raahat nahin Maula Aalam hai Muqaddar koi Dil saaf nahin hai Is Ehad mein sab kuch hai per Insaaf nahin hai! Khuda-e-Sukhan Mir Babar Ali Anees

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Justice to Muslims, and the Justice of Muslims

One day a man was traveling on his camel with his possessions and his slave. He stopped at a mosque and went inside to pray, leaving the slave to take care of the goods. When he was gone, the slave climbed on the camel’s back. When the master returned, the slave declared himself as the Read More