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Teer Toota, Sher Aaya…Bhaingay Ke Saath

In the last few days, we saw enough chaos throughout Pakistan (at least on Geo TV) to believe that the end of the PPP government was near. The bald lion with hair implants and no balls, was leading the long march towards the capital to crap on the Constipation Constitution Avenue, and ultimately on the Read More

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Indo-Pak Cyber War

India – Pakistan in State of Cyber War In response to an action by HMG, Indian script kiddie, who hacked OGRA’s website, A Pakistani Group called PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) has reportedly hacked at least five Indian websites including – Indian Oil and Natural Gas website. Other websites which were hacked by Pakistanis include Read More

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Some Keywords Leading To My Blog

I did a little research on what leads people to my blog. Among the keywords searched, I found the following pretty interesting: “blog” and “sherry rehman” aash dob daughter of president pervaiz musharraf  [Saalay tharki kahin ke!] doros ali jafri  [WTF?!?] forwarded email revenge gre exam beard passport  [What’s GRE got to Read More

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Last week, many Pakistanis celebrated the ‘change’ that the American people brought to their country by voting a black man to allegedly, the most powerful office in the world, the office of the President of the United States of America. For the Americans, they are happy because they elected the better man. But what about Read More

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Of TOEFL, Passports, Murghas and [Beep]s

I decided to give my TOEFL last Sunday, 28th Sept. I registered six days before the test, paid $25 late fees with the actual $150. Printed my admin card and saw that I needed a valid passport to give the test. This passport clause is for Pakistan, India and Bangladesh only. (See what a good Read More

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