Posted on December 3, 2008 by

SAWJ’s GRE Theory of Poopivity

The amount of poop produced on the GRE is directly proportional to the difficulty of the questions, and inversely proportional to the time provided for the test and the degree of consciousness of the test taker. If P is the amount of poop produced, D is the difficulty of the questions, t is the time Read More

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Some Keywords Leading To My Blog

I did a little research on what leads people to my blog. Among the keywords searched, I found the following pretty interesting: “blog” and “sherry rehman” aash dob daughter of president pervaiz musharraf  [Saalay tharki kahin ke!] doros ali jafri  [WTF?!?] forwarded email revenge gre exam beard passport  [What’s GRE got to Read More