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Main Kis Tarah Se Nikaloon Badan Se Jaan-e-Husain (A.S.)?

This Nauha is a converstaion between Allah and Malak-ul-Maut on how he should pull Imam Husain’s (A.S.) soul out of his blood-pouring, broken and battered body. This is how the conversation starts: خدا نے جب  ملک الموت  کو یہ  اذن دیا کہ  روحِ حضرتِ  سرور نکال  کر  لے Read More

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PPPP: Parveen Phenyl Pathan Post

A couple of weeks ago, my Mom was angry at the maasi, Parveen, for trying to sneak phenyl bottles away to her own house. It started when Parveen came to ask my Mom for a new phenyl bottle and said that the previous one was empty. My Mom became suspicious and she checked out the Read More

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جوس انڈا

There is a Bengali boy, Jahangir, who works in my father’s workshop at the back of our house. He lives here and sometimes he does some kitchen chores also. Yesterday, he made tea. I had a cold recently which became the cause of the following conversation: جہانگیر: چائے نکال دوں؟ میں: تھوڑی دیر میں۔ جہانگیر: Read More