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Fractions: Solve This One

This is an entertaining question. Have fun solving! On a certain French-American committee, 2/3 of the members are men, and 3/8 of the men are Americans. If 3/5 of the committee members are French, what fraction of the members are American women? Directions: Post only your answer in the comments, don’t post the method you Read More

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Threaded Comments Off AT 0000 Hours PST Tonight

I’m going to turn the Threaded Comments plugin off at midnight today i.e. 0000 hours Pakistan Standard Time (PST) (if I can wait till then). Please do not use the Reply link for your comments on this post or any post after this one. Thanks. SAWJ’s Note: Threaded Comments are officially off! (Sounds cheesy? Yeah!)

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Reconditioned Blog

If you tried to visit my blog this morning, you may have faced problems. That’s because I was facing problems. Well first of all, my blog’s been under attack from spambots for a very long time. They edit my scripts and insert spam code in them that redirects to some phishy website. Most of you Read More