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When Urdu said “FML!”

I was having an MSN convo with the one and only Snooty and she wanted me to bore her to sleep. This is how the conversation proceeded: and i should care why ? says: bilkol b neead nai aa rahi kartii b nahi kaatri* Ali W. Jafri says: kaatri? and i should care why ? Read More

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Ramooz-e-Ishq – Secrets Of Love

Performed by: Abida Parveen Written by: Hazrat Be-Dam Shah Warsi Performance: Coke Studio Season 3 Ho, jee Maula, Maula, Maula, Maula, Maula Mera Maula, Maula O my Master! Main hoon mashhoor ishq baazi mein I am famous for my love affairs Khaasa dard-o-gham majaazi mein Much pain and sorrow in being worldly ************** Woh maey Read More

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Tum Karo To Chamatkaar… 3

DISCLAIMER: The following post may not be suitable for a wide variety of audiences…but what the hell! ***** It was raining heavily. Lightning kept flashing across the sky. He stood at the edge of the cliff, holding her by the throat, gun in the other hand, threatening me with dire consequences if I moved forward. Read More

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