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SQL Stored Procedures for Marriage

CREATE PROCEDURE MyMarriage BrideGroom Male (25), Bride Female(20) AS BEGIN SELECT Bride FROM india_ Brides WHERE FatherInLaw = ‘Millionaire’ AND Count(Car) > 20 AND HouseStatus =’ThreeStoreyed’ AND BrideEduStatus IN (B.TECH, BE, Degree, MCA, MiBA) AND Having Brothers= Null AND Sisters =Null SELECT Gold, Cash, Car, BankBalance FROM FatherInLaw UPDATE MyBankAccout SET MyBal = MyBal + Read More

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Software Engineering Proverbs

KISS – “Keep it simple, stupid.” – Don’t use fancy features when simple ones suffice. RTFM – “Read the fascinating manual.” – Most complaints from the compiler can be solved by reading the book. Logical errors are something else. Make your documentation short but sweet. – Always document your variable declarations, and tell what each Read More

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My Matrix Program

Sometime around four months ago, I wrote a program in Java that takes two predefined 4 x 4 matrices, multiplies them and displays the result in matrix form. It took me more than two hours to figure out how to do it and another one to code it. It had more than four nested ‘for’ Read More