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Teer Toota, Sher Aaya…Bhaingay Ke Saath

In the last few days, we saw enough chaos throughout Pakistan (at least on Geo TV) to believe that the end of the PPP government was near. The bald lion with hair implants and no balls, was leading the long march towards the capital to crap on the Constipation Constitution Avenue, and ultimately on the Read More

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Aftermath of Mahajir-Pathan Feuds

رقص کرتی ہے گردشِ دوراں در کھلے ہیں شراب خانوں کے  چائے پینے کو اب کہاں جائیں بند ہوٹل  ہوئے  پٹھانوں  کے

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Temporary Peace

I just woke up to hear that Geo News had been blocked today across Karachi, Hyderabad and various areas of Sindh. I heard that it was done by cable operators. Well, you can’t really blame them, people like to have a little peace once in a while. And it also coincides with the date Geo Read More

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Last week, many Pakistanis celebrated the ‘change’ that the American people brought to their country by voting a black man to allegedly, the most powerful office in the world, the office of the President of the United States of America. For the Americans, they are happy because they elected the better man. But what about Read More

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Capital Talk or Capital Lies?

I’m watching Hamid Mir on Geo TV right now, in his program Capital Talk, trashing Musharraf. Blaming every bad thing on him and taking credit for everything that happened to him in the last year. Praising the almost-dead lawyers’ movement for it. Claiming that for the first time under Musharraf, lawyers were bombarded with tear-gas Read More

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