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Green Tea

I’ve been drinking this special Green Tea every morning and night for the past few weeks in a bid to lose my spare tire. Tonight, Begum reminded me and asked whether she should make it. Me: Aray haan, main to bhool hi gaya tha! Begum: Haan, dekho kitni achhi hoon main! Me:¬†Yes begum! Begum: Khud Read More

Dream Come True
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Dream Come True

All it takes is a fight to remember how much I love her! She went out of her way just to make me feel better and I did nothing for her. I feel so stupid! And I cherish her more than ever! I put tears in her eyes time and again, she comes back to Read More

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Once upon a time, I used to blog. Yeah, right here. At that time, you could’ve considered me to be a waila, or at least semi-waila to be honest. But nowadays, its just too hard to find time to do anything other than work, studies and sleep. Sometimes I sneak a movie or two in, Read More

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Testimonial: Anum Batool

Dramaayyy! That’s what i like to call him.That’s what he really is. Okay Ali, i’m free to honor you with anything..right? =P but sadly i cant insert bad words here that go best with you =P This crazy tall thing.. cousin of mine (sigh!), is the most impossible case i’ve ever come across with..and for Read More

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