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Dinon Ki Khichri…

The following conversation took place on a Sunday. Sher Ali: Aaj kya din hai?…*pause*… Aaj Peer (Monday) hai? Kal kya din tha? Me: Aaj Peer hai, kal Jummayraat (Thursday) tha. Sher Ali: Kal Jummayraat tha? Achha…*pause again*…nahin yaar, kal Jummayraat nahin tha. Kal Mangal (Tuesday) tha…nahin, kal Budh (Wednesday) tha…nahin nahin, kal Hafta (Saturday) tha! Read More

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Feeling Suicidal

When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her. – David Bissonette *** After marriage, husband and wife become two sides of a coin; they just can’t face each other, but still they stay together. – Sacha Guitry *** By all means marry… If you get a Read More

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One Big Happy Cat Loving Family

Take two kittens who are no more than a month old and refuse to eat anything but milk. Take a grandfather who seriously hates everything feline because he doesn’t like his news to be remixed with meows from outdoors. Take a father who doesn’t like cats because they rip the metallic door nets with their Read More

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Animal Humor 1

I guess I’ve bored you all with the depressing nonsense, so here’s something on a lighter note. Kambakht maarian itna upar kyun urti hain! Â Dude, stretch marks, ewwwww!!! Â Taaarooo whale! Â Uh-oh, mommy, HELP! Â This is my head son, not your f**kin lollipop!

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I Was A Writer Once…

I was a writer once. Once. I created this blog two years ago. I started writing because I had nothing to do. It was exciting that I was actually sharing my ideas somewhere. Didn’t have any readers back then but I kept on writing. Slowly, people began to come, to return the favor, or maybe Read More

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