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Green Tea

I’ve been drinking this special Green Tea every morning and night for the past few weeks in a bid to lose my spare tire. Tonight, Begum reminded me and asked whether she should make it. Me: Aray haan, main to bhool hi gaya tha! Begum: Haan, dekho kitni achhi hoon main! Me:¬†Yes begum! Begum: Khud Read More

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When Urdu said “FML!”

I was having an MSN convo with the one and only Snooty and she wanted me to bore her to sleep. This is how the conversation proceeded: and i should care why ? says: bilkol b neead nai aa rahi kartii b nahi kaatri* Ali W. Jafri says: kaatri? and i should care why ? Read More

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Shaadi: Life Ki Barbaadi!

Mom: ” I have decided that you will be married next year so if you like any girl, let me know by the end of this year. I have talked to your father and he has agreed.” Preferred Response: Me: “WHAT THE HELL?“ Actual Response: Me: “No way! I ain’t getting married, not until I’m Read More

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Classic Snoots from Snooty

Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for the one and only…SNOOTYYYY!!! @anasimtiaz if mom saw me watching tv…she gona beat me up wid her jhotiyan @anasimtiaz u dont know what jhootiyan is ?? shoes chapal bhoot foot wear @senilius_110 @anasimtiaz do u ever read ma blog …. *naraz* @Senilius_110 lolssssss koi nahi …..hayee agar kaal Read More

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