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Nob Shall Not Sleep Alone Tonight…

His brother sleeps beside him now. R.I.P – Hob & Nob (Sept 2009 – Nov 2009) After a day of mourning his brother, Hob’s gone too. He was in good health during the day but extremely sad. I went to the KIET admission test, came back and Hob was waiting for me on the stairs. Read More

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Hob Shall Sleep Alone Tonight…

R.I.P – Nob (Sept 2009 – Nov 2009) Hob is not big enough to know his brother’s gone but he definitely understands something is very wrong. He had been quiet for the past few days when Nob was ill, and now he keeps yelling out for him when he’s no more.

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One Big Happy Cat Loving Family

Take two kittens who are no more than a month old and refuse to eat anything but milk. Take a grandfather who seriously hates everything feline because he doesn’t like his news to be remixed with meows from outdoors. Take a father who doesn’t like cats because they rip the metallic door nets with their Read More

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Kitties In A Box

There you go, first video of the kittens featuring all three of them. The white female, nicknamed Baawli, is present too as this video was made before she died almost two weeks ago. The males have grown up a lot since then. Note: Some of you have already seen this video so…just watch it again!

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Animal Humor 1

I guess I’ve bored you all with the depressing nonsense, so here’s something on a lighter note. Kambakht maarian itna upar kyun urti hain! Â Dude, stretch marks, ewwwww!!! Â Taaarooo whale! Â Uh-oh, mommy, HELP! Â This is my head son, not your f**kin lollipop!

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