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Once upon a time, I used to blog.

Yeah, right here.

At that time, you could’ve considered me to be a waila, or at least semi-waila to be honest. But nowadays, its just too hard to find time to do anything other than work, studies and sleep. Sometimes I sneak a movie or two in, but that’s about it. Also, according to a recent study conducted by the Haraamkhor and Kaamchor Association of South Asia, wasting time on Facebook and Twitter does not count. Totally legit!

Also, I’ve been working on a personal project of mine the progress of which has been subject to mood swings, relationship ups and downs, office hours, spikes in haraamkhori, etc. But its a good project. And classified. :D

Somewhere between all this work load (both actual and imaginary) lie one or two urges to blog that get drowned by the bout of haraamkhori that follows within a matter of minutes.

So, how did this post happen then?

I got bored of haraamkhori. :(