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Testimonial: Anum Batool

Dramaayyy! That’s what i like to call him.That’s what he really is.

Okay Ali, i’m free to honor you with anything..right? =P but sadly i cant insert bad words here that go best with you =P

This crazy tall thing.. cousin of mine (sigh!), is the most impossible case i’ve ever come across with..and for that i’m obligated to bear his never-ending idiocies no matter what.

He never misses a chance to annoy me.. but still one way or the other makes up to it. The best thing about him is that he’s so perfect in cheering you up at the worst of your moods. He does it really well.

A complete package of awesomeness yet proud shamelessness, with lot of self-obsession.

He’s crazy, he is annoying but really is a sweetheart.And yess, he is a cute pathan. =D

PS. Don’t go for his looks. They are deceptive. =P

On a concluding note, it’s always good to have a cousin like him. =)