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Destination Unknown…

There are times in your life when you need to make choices. Choices that may not affect you only but other people as well.

Me being a placid guy most of the time, don’t really care about what life throws at me but sometimes it becomes inevitable to decide and react. You come to stand on a crossroads where you have to figure out which way holds the lesser amount of evil for you and others.

Keeping the above in mind, I really am no big fan of the notion that human intelligence is faultless. Which in turn, leads to confusion as to whether my decision would be right or wrong.

I hate using people. I would much rather suffer setbacks than manipulate people into circumstances and situations from which they cannot turn back.

“Objects have been created for use, People have been created for love.

The situation degenerates when Objects are loved and People are used.”

Hazrat Ali (A.S.)

Maybe my decision to manipulate would turn out to be good for them. Then again, there is the uncertainty principle at work everywhere which ensures that I won’t be able to predict or understand the magnitude and direction of God’s plans at any given point in time simultaneously. I can only imagine or pray, I cannot ensure.

So what do I do?

Situations like these put me in a pensive mood. When I go quiet. Solitude seems like the bestest of friends, yet I still feel the need to consult the ones close to me so they can provide an alternate point of view to that of mine.

Clarity, as of yet, seems to be eluding my thoughts purposefully, so I shall go on in the direction destined for me, doing what I feel is right at any point in time while hoping and praying for the best.

In the end, the difference will be that of another hard-earned experience, or a well-deserved prize.