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Violating Nerd Laws

I was talking to Ali Asad Rizvi yesterday, a friend and one of my juniors at PNEC. He wanted to know my definition of masculinity and I gave him a four word answer everytime he asked. Needless to say, those four words can’t be mentioned here. :P

Somehow the discussion turned towards my MS GPA in the first semester and I replied with #.*# to satiate his curiosity.

His next sms: “Woah so you’re the class theta?”

Me: “What the hell is that?”

Him: “Theta = the PNEC term for nerd+know it all+annoying high GPA holder!”

Me: “No man, I am just a shughali guy with aiwaeen mein high GPA.”

Him: “In that case unfortunately you are a very rare combination. One only thought to exist in myths! Combine that with your good looks and you are almost an anomaly! You should be arrested for violating nerd laws!”

Me: “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, thank you! This is so going on my blog!”