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Ramooz-e-Ishq – Secrets Of Love

Performed by: Abida Parveen

Written by: Hazrat Be-Dam Shah Warsi

Performance: Coke Studio Season 3

Ho, jee Maula, Maula, Maula, Maula, Maula
Mera Maula, Maula

O my Master!

Main hoon mashhoor ishq baazi mein
I am famous for my love affairs

Khaasa dard-o-gham majaazi mein
Much pain and sorrow in being worldly


Woh maey de de, jo pehlay Shibli o Mansoor ko di thee
Give me the wine that you gave before to Shibli and Mansoor

Toh Be-Dam, nisaar-e-Murshid-e-Maeykhana ho jaye
So that Be-Dam also becomes a sacrificant of the Pastor of the Winehouse


Maktab-e-Ishq ka dastoor nirala dekha
Saw the uniqueness of the tradition of the School of Love

Us ko chhutti na mili jis ne sabaq yaad kiya
The one who learned his lesson could not get a leave


Makani hoon, ke aazad-e-makaan hoon?
I have boundaries, or am I boundless?

Jahan mein hoon, ke khud saara jahan hoon?
I am part of the Universe or am I the whole Universe?


Maula, Maula, meray murshid Maula
Murshid Maula, Maula, Maula


Woh apni la-makani mein rahein mast
They may be ecstatic in their boundlessness

Mujhay itna bata de main kahan hoon
Just tell me where I am


Arz-o-sama kahan teri wus’at ko paa sakay
The sky and earth could not contain the breadth of your existence

Maula, Maula, Maula, meray Maula, Maula

Mera hee dil hai woh ke jahan tu sama sakay
It is only my heart where you can reside


Yahan hona na hona hai, na hona ain hona hai
To be here is to not be, to not be is exactly to be

Jissay hona ho kuch khaatir daari jaana na ho jae
One who wants to be, some offering shall not be given?


Who is this Sufi kalaam for? One who is boundless, the one whose existence can not be contained by the skies and earth? Abida answers in the end:

Maula Ali, Ali, Ali, Maula Ali, Ali, Ali!
Master Ali, Ali, Ali, Master Ali, Ali, Ali!

Ya Ali, Ya Ali, Ya Ali, Ya Ali, Ya Ali, Ya Ali!
O Ali, O Ali, O Ali, O Ali, O Ali, O Ali!

Sufiism at it’s finest! :)