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Story Of My Life, Nowadays At Least…

It is now a custom that my Mom brings me fruit chaat and milk each night.

The fruit chaat is made for the whole family to ensure an intake of fruits. I like the milk but I’m seriously bored of the fruit chaat. So I always say no. Not that she listens, but I do have to uphold my customs too.

Tonight, Mom brought me milk and asked me if I wanted the fruit chaat.

Me: “Nope.”

Mom: “Proper diet lo, tumharay cheeks andar chalay gayay hain, itna kam weight ho gaya hai. Kyun itnay kamzor ho rahay ho!”

Me: “My BMI (body mass index) is absolutely perfect, I don’t need weight.”

Mom: “Tumhara 6 foot ka frame hai, bones ka weight nahin ho ga kya? Khao! Jaan banao!”

Me: “6 foot ke frame ke saath 6 foot ki tummy hona zaroori hai kya?”

Mom: “Bakwaas nahin karo!”

And she brought me the fruit chaat. :(

NOTE FOR CHICKS: Don’t pay attention to what my Mom said, I’m still as strong as ever. ;)