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Sandwiches Can Kill!

Mom got some K&N chicken burger patties from the nearby supermarket on Saturday. On Sunday, she made me a sandwich. Since then, I’ve been having the same sandwiches for breakfast everyday.

Now here’s the thing with me: I don’t eat much.

I have a sandwich for lunch, and if I feel hungry then I have dinner otherwise I don’t. No breakfast. And if I go to class, I have a roll and one or two drinks. I live on tea the whole day.

Improvement from 1 large pizza, one salad bowl, 4 pieces of garlic bread and 1.5 ltr Pepsi just for dinner, no? ;)

Mom doesn’t think so. She likes me fat.

“Itna sa moon nikal aaya hai, khatay nahin ho! Healthy khana khao, junk food khatay rehtay ho.”

Okay, back to the sandwiches.

The first day, it was only the burger patty with mayo, ketchup and mustard. Second day too.

Third day, there were two layers of cucumber and one of tomato as well.

Me: “Yeh kya hai?”

Mom: “Healthy khana  khao, vegetables!”

I made a face but it actually tasted good so I let it be.

Two more days went by, in the same fashion.

But today…the kitchen boy  brought something that looked like this:

Yes, a double-decker!

With 3 layers of cucumber and tomato and a burger patty in one layer, and an egg and a thick slab of cheese in the second!


Mom: “All you eat is one sandwich all day, you need nourishment and healthy food. Itna sa moon nikal aaya hai tumhara!”

Me: “I can’t eat all this!”

Mom: “EAT IT!”

You have no idea how I managed to get it all down my throat! I was literally panting halfway through.

My hand is big, you know. The sandwich was…BIGGER!

Mom wants to feed me. But I have decided otherwise. No sandwiches from tomorrow. :D