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Shaadi: Life Ki Barbaadi!

Mom: ” I have decided that you will be married next year so if you like any girl, let me know by the end of this year. I have talked to your father and he has agreed.”

Preferred Response:


Actual Response:

Me: “No way! I ain’t getting married, not until I’m 28 at least!”

Mom: “Bakwaas band karo! You keep running after girls and yet you don’t wanna get married. Typical Gemini nature!” [This one is for you Absar! :P ]

Me: “So? I don’t wanna lose my freedom. If I get married next year then this year I’m having halwa-puri for breakfast and steak for dinner everyday!”

Mom: “Fuzool baatein na karo. Insaan ban jao ge tum shaadi ke baad, nikammay!”

Me: “Kar hi na loon main kaheen shaadi!”

Mom: “Shaadi to tumharay baap ne bhi ki thi!”

Me: “Un ki ghalti main kyun repeat karoon?”

Mom: “Aisa thappar paray ga seedhay ho jao ge!”

Me: “Thappar tab paray ga jab haath moon ki height tak pohanch paaye ga!”

Mom: “#@&*#@(!#@ !@^&#&!@#(&(*@&#&@”