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Mo’jza-e-Husain (A.S.)

On the 10th of Muharram, 1431 AH, 2009, more than 40 of my Azadar brothers lost their lives to a suicide bombing in the Ashurah procession to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Husain (A.S.) and His companions (A.S.).

Here is a first hand account of my friend’s relative who was at the blast site:

I was standing on the foot path, across the road where the blast happened. When it did, I was knocked down and for five minutes I lost all my senses and lay there. When I got up, all was dark.

Now watch the footage below.

Can you see any of the Alam-bearers fall, right ahead of the blast site? None fell, no Ziarat was martyred. When people were knocked off their feet by the blast wave, why didn’t the Alam-bearers, holding Alams well above 15 feet in length, fall?

And the procession continued on with it’s journey with a stronger will.

This is what happens when you mess with Azadars. Our resolve to mourn the Martyrs of Karbala (A.S.) strengthens, even if it means certain death!

Chahay jitna bhi zulm ho jaaye, Maatam-e-Husain (A.S.) nahin rukay ga!

Kar lo jo karna hai…