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Step forward for your Muslim Brothers!

This a call for all those who condemn violence in the name of Islam. The atrocities by Taliban in Parachinar urge us to take strict action. We shouldn’t stand silent while our Muslim brothers and sisters are brutally killed. For centuries, innocent lives have been taken on account of what their beliefs are. None have the right to punish anyone for their beliefs. It is not for us to judge others in matters of religion. For once we should condemn those who act like God in their ways and kill people. The Shia community is an integral part of the Muslim world. The differences in opinion between the sects doesn’t certify such barbarism. Our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) never taught about sects but emphasized unity among the UMMAH. In the teachings of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) and the word of Quran we are all but united. There is no reason strong enough to tolerate the massacre.

The silence of media authorities is condemnable. However this shouldn’t stop us from spreading the word. I urge all those in the Blogosphere to spread the word on the blog. You can repost or link back but keep spreading the word.

At the end of the day what ever sect/religion we may belong to we are indeed answerable to our lord. No religion or belief instructs such barbarism. I also call upon Human Rights Organizations such as Amnesty International to help spread a global wave of awareness. Being a member I urge the authroties to take notice of this barbarism and give it an international platform. The massacre taking place by the Talbans needs international exposure. Please sign the petition herewith and spread the word. You can write letters to Human Right Organizations to help us spread the word and increase international Pressure on the authorities.


To:Â The Cheif Justice of Pakistan, Media Authorities, United Nations

A request on behalf of the Global Muslim community to take action against the massacre of Shia’s in Parachinar. For decades now innocent lives have been taken in the name of religion. We feel deeply appalled and request an end to this barbarism. The Global Muslim Community strongly condemns such actions. We as Muslims stand united against such killings. We consider it our sole right to protect our Muslim brothers in need.

We request all those in authorities to take strict action regarding this. It is indeed shocking to witness media’s silence on the issue. No one should have the right to take innocent lives for their vain agendas. We acknowledge that such killings are against the essence of Islam. Those responsible for such killings should be punished and strongly condemned.

By signing this petition we pledge herewith to support our Muslim brothers in what ever ways possible. It is time to put an end to violence. Islam teaches us respect and tolerance. We condemn barbaric activities conducted for vested interest and have nothing to do with Islam. We ask for immediate actions by :

  • Removal of Taliban terrorists from Hangu-Parachinar Road and its opening to all travelers irrespective of their sect.
  • Accountabilty of all those responsibe for the killings
  • A well-deserved media coverage to the event highlighting the atrocities.

Our Shia brothers have equal rights to exist and believe. The Muslim majority respects co-existence. We condemn those who justify their actions in the name of Islam. For Islam teaches us tolerance and Unity.


The Undersigned