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Ash-Shaam! Ash-Shaam! Ash-Shaam!

Minhaal, a sahabi of Ali ibnul Husain (Syed-e-Sajjad), came to him and asked him where he had faced the most hardships, during Karbala and it’s aftermath.

He replied “Ash-Shaam! Ash-Shaam! Ash-Shaam!” (Syria! Syria! Syria!)

Minhaal then asked him why he cried so much. After all, martyrdom was the destiny and inheritance of Aal-e-Muhammad (S.A.W.W.).

Syed-e-Sajjad then replied, “You have not done justice to us. Is it also our destiny that our mothers and sisters be paraded bare-headed through bazaars and streets, with crowds watching?”

This event is explained by Rehaan Aazmi and Nadeem Sarwar in the video below. Rehaan Aazmi has done a marvelous job of capturing Syed-e-Sajjad’s answer in verses.