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Main Kis Tarah Se Nikaloon Badan Se Jaan-e-Husain (A.S.)?

This Nauha is a converstaion between Allah and Malak-ul-Maut on how he should pull Imam Husain’s (A.S.) soul out of his blood-pouring, broken and battered body.

This is how the conversation starts:

خدا نے جب  ملک الموت  کو یہ  اذن دیا

کہ  روحِ حضرتِ  سرور نکال  کر  لے آ

رہے  خیال  کہ  شبّیر  کو   نہ   ہو  ایذاء

حسین پہلے ہی زخمون سے چور چور ہوا

ملک پکارا یہ مجھہ سے نہ ہو سکے گا ، خدا

میں کس طرح سے نکالوں بدن سے جانِ حسین

بہت ہی سخت ہے یارب یہ امتحانِ حسین

Allah tells Malak-ul-Maut various ways to extract the soul, through the neck, tongue, back, etc and every time Malak-ul-Maut gives a reason why he can’t.

Just see the way this Nauha ends. It’s going to send a chill down your spine. I’ve listened to it thousands of times, but each time I do it gives me goosebumps.



Shadman Raza – Imtihan-e-Husain (A.S.)

Allahumal’an Qatalatal Husaina Wa Ashabihi!

O Allah, send your wrath on those who killed Husain and his followers!