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Movie Review: I Am Legend

I became a fan of Will Smith after I, Robot. That was a smashingly awesome movie, with all the sci-fi stuff and excellent storyline but the feature that stood out for me was the amount of imagination put into making the movie! When I Am Legend was released, it automatically became a must watch.

So I got the movie, put it into my DVD-RW drive and sat down to watch it.

It started by showing that Will Smith is the only man left in New York City after a devastating plague that either killed or mutated all humans resulting from a cancer cure gone awry. He roams around the city getting food and supplies with his dog, Samantha. When he comes back home, he goes into his lab to find a cure for the epidemic as he’s a military scientist of some sort. And yeah the mutated creatures have a Zombie like appearance. He catches one of these mutated humans and experiments on her.

Soon his dog gets killed by these creatures and he goes on a zombie killing frenzy and to ultimately get killed. He almost succeeds but is suddenly saved by…another human. She takes him to his house where he wakes up. She tells him that there are other people alive who were immune to the cancer-cure virus and they are living up north in the colder areas where the virus cannot survive and that god told her this. Naturally, Will Smith loses it! And she has a son too.

Then the house gets attacked by the mutants who had seen her bringing Smith to his home and “noted his address”. They find out that the mutant he captured was finally getting cured so he takes that mutant’s blood, gives it to the woman and tells her to take it to the Northern Alliance. He tells them to hide while he uses a grenade to blow himself and the Taliban away!

The woman leaves and goes up North where, lo and behold, god indeed told her! She gives the cure to the normal, immune people and the movie ends.

So all in all, the movie cost me an hour and a half of watching time and another half of blogging time. Don’t ask me, I didn’t have anything else to write!