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Need For Speed – Pro Street

I went to Rainbow Center on Saturday, got myself a couple of movies and games. One of them was NFS – Pro Street. I had been waiting for this game for a long time. I eagerly installed it on my PC then I clicked on the icon and the game started.

It began with a super cool intro with some really nice visual effects then moved on to the user interface. I started a new career and had to win a race to call myself a “racer” as has been the usual thing in the last few NFS games. Then I started looking for a way to go out into the “city”. What followed was a long line of expletives trailed by the realization that the “City/Free Roam” feature simply wasn’t there! $%$#%$@!

Yes, you read that right, there is no city or free roam in NFS Pro Street. And no city, no police cruisers! To be honest, I liked the graphics in the previous games better. The user interface is confusing and a little complex. But I just started playing the game and only time will tell whether the game is worthy of being called Need For Speed or not. I have started to like it but I doubt this feeling will linger for a long time if the races start feeling the same, as in NFS Underground. To me, the best game in the NFS franchise ever was Underground 2 in which the free roam concept was introduced and it was the only NFS game I actually finished. Okay, I’m off to race!

And yes, I forgot to mention, DRIFT’S BACK!!!