Posted on January 31, 2008 by

My Matrix Program

Sometime around four months ago, I wrote a program in Java that takes two predefined 4 x 4 matrices, multiplies them and displays the result in matrix form. It took me more than two hours to figure out how to do it and another one to code it. It had more than four nested ‘for’ loops to accomplish the task. It was something I considered my “hallmark achievement”!

For the past week I had been thinking of posting it on my blog so I could have something here to depict that I am a coder/developer, however bad. I searched for it on my computer. Wasn’t there. I looked into my USB hard drive. Wasn’t there either. I came to my office and searched for it on my network folders and drives. It wasn’t there either. After searching the hard drive of every computer, I learned that many of them had been formatted and their operating systems reinstalled.

Now I am sitting here disappointed, with nothing to do, no jokes to crack, no smile on my face, after losing the best program I ever wrote (in Java) somewhere into the depths of the ocean full of USBs, network folders and formatted hard drives. May God help me in this hour of depression and sorrow! You can post your condolences as comments.